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Who are they?

Terry is an award winning Christian magician from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Terry has performed for corporations such as Kraft Foods, Dyson, Raytheon and other notable companies. But what he loves most is brining his program to churches where he's seen hundreds of people come to Christ through his "Can You Believe" program. Not only that, he and his wife Cynthia has been specializing in reaching families through their Family and Children's Crusades since 1989.

Terry first began doing Gospel Magic in 1980 in Frankfort, West Germany for the Christian Servicemen's Center Camp Meeting. In 1985 Terry became Western North Carolina's first State Children's Ministries Specialist for his denomination and in 1990 the International Offices of the Church of God Youth and Christian Education Department asked Terry and his wife Cynthia to coordinate all the children's ministries during the Church of God International General Assembly in New Orleans, LA. As their ministry grew they took it to a national level where he founded Total Family Ministries.

Because of God's gifting in the area of Children's Evangelism he has been a lecturer for Colleges, local seminars, state and national conferences, including the Church of God National Children's Ministries Conference and Indiana State Tools Conference. He has had articles published in various national and international publications for entertainers.

Terry has been featured on the front cover of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians magazine both in the United States and the United Kingdom.



He's also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians.

       the society of american magicians   

He is respected in his ability to put Gospel routines to illusions. Because of this he consults with performers from around the world in the development of Gospel routines for their programs and provides prayer support for different Illusionists. Terry has also done extensive television and radio work. Kids Thought, a program that Terry created has aired nationally and internationally on the TCT and Sky Angel networks. Because of these networks, Terry has appeared on television in 170 countries with over six million people watching.


Terry is married to his wonderful and very gifted wife, Cynthia.

Cynthia is an integral part of Total Family Ministries. She also is the founder of Cynthia Owens Ministries where she travels, sings and ministers the Word of God. Cynthia attended Lee University and sang with the Ladies of Lee. She also has a background in graphic art. Cynthia is a much sought after singer as well as minister of the Word of God.

Their heart is for the individuals and families that come to one of their services to experience the life changing presence and power of God. They want to be a blessing to your church and through their unique ministry they will help your church make a difference in the lives of people.



Terry and Cindy have been featured on Praise the Lord on a TBN affiliate station and nationally on TCT's Rejoice program. Terry currently has a program that airs on the TCT network, Sky Angel network, Direct TV and 170 countries each week called "Kids Thought"


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